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THE YOGA REPUBLIC is a yoga studio for the people! I strive to create a space where yoga can help people feel safe to grow and learn. (Be it teachers or students.) This studio was built for one reason: PEOPLE NEED YOGA. Every individual who walks through these doors is one step closer to finding their peace and inner beauty. This will in turn bring a change in the community and world we live in. I dream of a day when all my classes are full, then I will know this community is changing, a mindset has shifted and my mission will continue succeeding. When as many people are doing yoga for themselves, there will be a shift in their hearts and their minds. CLAIRE LANE - studio owner of The Yoga Republic

>1st floor fontainebleau village, cnr. republic & rabie road, randburg e> c>083 461 4710 t>011 791 6228 f>086 528 3851